• A Humble Man

    A Humble Man

    When Neil Armstrong died much was made of that awe-inspiring walk he took on the moon on July 20, 1969. "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."  It was Armstrong's last mission to space. He only made two in his lifetime. The one[..]
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  • Git it over with Pleasssee

    Git it over with Pleasssee

      Students have come to expect it from me, and I will not disappoint. Yes, especially in this election year, they will still get that lecture I give about voting and about how men and women died to earn them that right and how if[..]
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  • The Veterans & the Nurse

    The Veterans & the Nurse

    It's the veterans she served as a nurse that Mama remembers best. Bruce. Homer. Mike. "There are a lot of names I remember," she says. Her memory is a virtual wall. The names of many of her patients are etched into her brain like the[..]
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  • A Sermon of Silence

    A Sermon of Silence

      Mama was engaged to a man after Daddy died. He was a nice enough fellow, a graduate from a fine southern university who had done very well professionally, financially. She met this fellow on a blind date. A friend and her husband invited Mama[..]
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  • Perhaps you can relate?

    Perhaps you can relate?

    Mama likes to talk. This is a random and new thing for her. Unlike my kids, I'm not used to a talking Mama. When I woke her for her 5 a.m. meds this morning, Mama said, "I thought you were going to talk with me[..]
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  • A Taste of God

    A Taste of God

    These words kick-started my day: "I hold the heady doctrine that no pleasures are so frequent or intense as those of the grateful, devoted, single-minded, whole-hearted, self-denying Christian. I maintain that the delights of work and leisure, of friendship and family, of eating and mating,[..]
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  • Reluctant Consumers

    Reluctant Consumers

    Have you ever noticed that the dying are far more discerning about how they spend their time and money than the living? The dying are the most reluctant of all consumers. They can talk themselves out of buying most anything. They don't feel a need[..]
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  • Harry’s Tinky-Winky Sparks Public Debate

    Harry’s Tinky-Winky Sparks Public Debate

    We can all agree that Prince Harry is a wild card. A good boy with a self-destructive streak. Not unlike his mother's brother, Charles Spencer, who had a knack for grabbing the attention of the tabloids in his day, too. And for the record, it[..]
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  • J. Lo & George W. Bush Weirdness

    J. Lo & George W. Bush Weirdness

    I got nothing. Nothing to add to the debate about Rep. Todd Akin and "legitimate rape" and sperm-killing vagina venom. Only this -- it rains on fools and kings alike. And when you are dealing with cancer, getting drenched in a thunderstorm seems like a welcome[..]
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