• Touch in the Era of Pandemic

    Touch in the Era of Pandemic

    Friday the 13th marks the first 24 hours I have gone without a fever over the past week. If you have been following the recent blog posts you know by now that I came down sick last Saturday, went to Urgent Care on Sunday, called[..]
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  • Update on No Test for Our Community

    Update on No Test for Our Community

    [caption id="attachment_5067" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Model Naomi Campbell in her new traveling gear during a pandemic. [/caption]   The hospital volunteer switched the channel to the 700 Club. "Seriously?" I whispered. So she changed it to FOXNews. Sigh. I was waiting to be ushered into the isolation[..]
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  • No Tests in My Neighborhood

    No Tests in My Neighborhood

    Let me put the rumors to rest. I have not yet been tested for #Coronavirus. Not because my doctor doesn't want to test me. Not because I don't want to be tested. Simply because there are no test available in our area yet. Trump lies,[..]
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  • His Welfare is My Concern

    His Welfare is My Concern

    [caption id="attachment_5051" align="alignleft" width="933"] This is a picture of what it means to have socialized healthcare - Those who are able carry those who are unable.[/caption] Everyone, except the one-percenters, know that our healthcare system is broken. It's not just that a trip to the[..]
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  • The Era of Self-Isolation

    The Era of Self-Isolation

    I have a job in which I work from home, thankfully. On days like today I come into contact with less than oh, two people. Me and the Starbucks gal. There's something to be said for solitude. My husband said this week, "You are becoming[..]
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  • The Dumbwaiter God

    The Dumbwaiter God

    If Lent is the season of giving up and letting go, I believe that women have been living in a constant state of Lent throughout history. This notion of women living lives of sacrifice is something that came to me back when I was writing[..]
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  • Bernie Ain’t No Communist Sympathizer but Trump Sure Is

    Bernie Ain’t No Communist Sympathizer but Trump Sure Is

    Editor's Note: American fears about the threat of communism were tied closely to the growth of the organized labor unions following World War One. There were a number of strikes during the war. More workers were willing to risk their jobs and join together to[..]
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  • Burning Libraries

    Burning Libraries

    When author Susan Orlean sat out to write her latest book - The Library Book - she typed in libraries burned into the search bar. She was surprised to find that Wikipedia had a whole list on libraries that had been destroyed with intent. The most[..]
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  • About that Coal Miners Myth

    About that Coal Miners Myth

    What You are Getting Wrong About Appalachia by Elizabeth Catte is the book I have been telling everyone that they should read. It's short and well-written. It will make you rethink and think again about the role of media in political campaigns. I have taken[..]
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