I went for a walk this morning

When I happened upon this elegant creature, I assumed it was carved from bronze.

But alas I was wrong. All the creatures I happened upon, moved slowly, but they moved.

It was early still but hot as an August greenhouse

A woman stopped me. “You are just glowing,” she said. “You must be excited about the book event.”

“Yes. I’m excited,” I replied. “But the glow is from sweat. It’s hot.”

And I like hot.

 There are some wonderfully cool places here.

This town is swamped in history,

art, and story

And you simply cannot pass by the Snowball vendor. I highly recommend their peaches & cream, tho, you may favor their Tiger Blood. Mine was free, gratis the injury law firm that was hosting the party. Lawyers and chefs are among the city’s most common professions. There are more attorneys in downtown proper than there are live oaks.

I haven’t yet seen the Tiger but I hear he enjoys an afternoon dip in the pond on campus. I’ll try and get a snapshot of that. Meanwhile, if you are in the neighborhood, come join us Thursday night at 7 p.m. at the Cox Communications Center. It’s sure to be a lively discussion.

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