In the Family of Storytellers


They say that in a family of storytellers no one ever dies.

Perhaps they are right.

They also say silence is the sound of money.

I know they are right about that.

Nobody spoke your name for years.

In every war, greedy men make great piles of money.

The rich get richer

The poor get poorer

Janis Joplin had it right, that thing she said about freedom.

Dad. Dragon Mt. (1)

 Fifty years have passed since your passing.

We lost a lifetime with you.

Freedom is just another word for nothing else to lose

What else was there?


 William Stafford, the poet, he said that if it should happen

You wake up and Armageddon has come,

Lie still.

Purple heart

 July 24, 1966

Our family’s Armageddon.

They say we keep you alive by telling these stories

I pray they are right

This is all we have left of you

photo 2 (10)

These fading photographs and

Stories that will soon enough be long forgotten.

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 Karen Spears Zacharias is a Gold Star Daughter and the author of After the Flag has been Folded (HarperCollins).


Karen Spears Zacharias

Author/Journalist/Educator. Gold Star Daughter.



about 6 years ago

Karen. I can't tell you how much I love this post. Inklings is planning our first storytelling event and I'd like to use this phrase in our marketing. Is that ok with you? They say that in a family of storytellers no one ever dies. Pat, one of our booksellers is planning the event and just reviewed The Magic Strings book for the Herald. The book is mentioned here in the comments. Would you like to be part of this July event??? We would love to have you come and tell a story.


Karen Spears Zacharias

about 6 years ago

Susan: Of course you can use it. I would love to attend the storytelling event, but, alas, I will be writer-in-residence in Fairhope, Alabama in July. I am going to miss Sherman Alexie's event, too. You do all the fun stuff when I'm gone.


Virginia Dixon

about 6 years ago

God bless you and your family. Stories are power-filled. They can crush or heal a spirit. Thanks for sharing.


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