Fifty Ways to Sunday

I have this moment right before I awake each day, a moment when I have not yet opened my eyes but am no longer asleep. It used to be that was the moment when I would say, “Thank you, God, for a new day.A new opportunity. New mercies.”

Now that moment is spent thinking, “Oh My God, Donald Trump is president. When will I awake from this nightmare?”

For me and for millions of others, having his face, his voice, his banal and shallow thinking, his vulgarness, his callous disrespect for others, his abusiveness, is an absolute nightmare.

I hate this man fifty ways to Sunday and back again.

Hate him.

And no, you don’t get to shame me for saying that or feeling that. You, who believe it is wrong to hate people, just elected a man who ran a campaign on hate and is building an administration on revenge.

I don’t understand how you or anyone else could vote for this man.

You, who I used to respect.

You, who I used to admire.

You, who I used to think adhered to a standard of goodness.

You, who stand in the pulpits of your neighborhoods and your churches and your homes and claim to be a follower of Jesus.

You voted for the most vulgar man to ever run for the nation’s highest office.

You voted for a man who is a fraud.

You voted for a man who feels his wealth, his celebrity status entitles him to sexually assault women. (And there you go again, defending him, saying it was just locker room talk, no sexual assault. It was enough to get Billy Bush fired from a career job but that didn’t stop you from putting into our nation’s highest office a sexual predator.)

You voted for a man who has no idea how government works.

You voted for a man who is building the most racist, misogynistic, vulgarly rich and least experienced administration in history.

You voted for a man who is the most ignorant, most juvenile, most banal, least-read, least-articulate, and least-thoughtful man to ever hold this office.

You voted for a man who believes in gated communities, and gated nations.

You voted for a man who believes women are there to serve his needs, Period.

You voted for a man who is wicked and vulgar and hateful and thinks of himself more highly than he should.

And because of that I wake up sick in my soul each morning and go to bed each night with the feeling of absolute doom.

You voted for a man who embodies the spirit of the Anti-Christ.

And, here’s the thing, you know all of this and refuse to own it.

I find your silence simply unforgivable.



Karen Spears Zacharias

Author/Journalist/Educator. Gold Star Daughter.


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