Faith-Colored Glasses

We were invited to attend a concert in the village up the road a’piece.

Every artist needs a promoter who believes in their work and direct others to it

Claire is her mother’s biggest fan. “She wrote a song for me,” Claire says. “Middle child.”

Middle children get a bad rap sometimes, but I have grown old enough to recognize that every place has its problems, and its purpose.

It’s all a matter of perspective really. Consider this — does your faith narrow your view of the world around you?

Or does your faith open up an entirely new world for you?

Does your faith isolate you from the rest of the world?

Or does your faith enhance the beauty of the world in which you now live?

Does being a person of faith  feel a bit like living inside a walled city sometimes?

Or perhaps stuck away in some ivory tower, shut off from the real world?

Or does your faith enhance your sense of humor?

Does being  a person of faith allow you to see what others are missing?

Does your faith come with a goody bag of whimsy?

Does your faith make you aware that your life is full of abundance?

Do you see each day as a special treat from Creator God?

Does being  a person of faith make you silly happy?

Or does being a person of faith make you want to arm yourself?

Does the world seem full of demons?

Do you see dangers around every corner?

Do you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Or do you find that being a person of faith makes you step more lively?

And to recognize the beauty in the here and the now?

Do you see the crucifixion in light of the resurrection?

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