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Ashley and Zack dropped by last night at the tail-end of their summer vacation. They did a hike through the Cascades – 43 miles in two days. Poor Ashley’s feet looked like a POWs on a death march – swollen and bloodied.
I knew just how to remedy that – I took them out to Starbucks. We sat outside in the sunshine, catching up on all the latest news. I mentioned to them about the Restoring Honor rally in D.C. Told them about how it was all the talk on Twitter.

Ashley is 28, Zack is 30, but neither of them Twitter. They don’t read the Huffington Post, either. In fact, they didn’t even know what Huffington Post was until I explained it to them. I spent the better part of the conversation explaining Twitter and hash tags and things of absolutely no lasting or eternal value. But I needed to give them some context so they would understand a story I was telling them.

I do Twitter. You can find me there @karenzach. But I realize that some of you may be like Ashley and Zack so I here’s my quick tutorial. Twitter is an online, like Facebook, only you can’t post anything over 140 characters. That amounts to something like: “See Spot Run. See Dick Run. See Jane Puke.”  Every period, every space, every letter counts. If you go over the 140 limit you’ll have to revise or your comment won’t be posted. When it’s posted, you have followers, or people you follow – like your friends on Facebook. They can see what you’ve written, and respond or not.

Hash tags are just the # sign, followed by label like #demondogs. All the comments with the hashtag #demondogs will be grouped together so that everyone who has ever had their nose bitten by their dog can commiserate together.

I’m explaining all this because yesterday, after a friend left a comment on this blog “You can lead people to knowledge but you can’t make them think”, I tweeted that comment and gave it the hash tag of #restoringhonor #glennbeck.

It was a joke people, directed at all the hoopla and idolatry of Glenn Beck. Well, what happened was that all of sudden all these Beckites began to retweet my message. Retweet means you can hit a button and it will send out someone else message to all your own followers. And I began to get all these messages from people thinking I am just like them.

It was funny to me because it just proved the point – about people not thinking for themselves. A quick cursory look at my previous tweets or even my blog and a person could pretty quickly determine that I’m no fan of Glenn Beck or his agenda. In fact, just a few minutes before tweeting that quote, I had put up another tweet: “Is Glenn Beck Ann Coulter in drag or is Ann Coulter Glenn Beck in drag? I can never keep it straight.” (I’m betting as soon as all those Beckites read this post, they are going to go banshee on me.)

I must confess that I did not watch the Restoring Honor rally. I didn’t YouTube it , Facebook it, or live stream it. I did, however, follow the rally via Twitter. In fact, I have pulled together a conversation of sorts among the folks who were tweeting.

Just for the record, I have no problem restoring honor – in this country or any other one. I just don’t happen to think the way you do that is by gathering at some watering hole and ranting and raving about it. I think you do that by living quietly the way we are instructed to do in Scriptures: “And that you study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your hands as we commanded you, that you may walk honestly toward them that are without and that you may have lack of nothing.” Thessalonians 4:11-12

So out of consideration for those of you, my friends, who don’t Tweet I’ve pulled together some highlights from behind the Tweet desk, a conversation from those who were there and those who were observing it.

For the record, I hold President Obama personally responsible for this. If nothing else, it’s apparent to me that the Restoring Honor rally is exactly the sort of civil unrest one can expect in a nation where too many white people are unemployed and have nothing better to do than to fawn over some messianic hopeful.

But I’ve always maintained that I don’t want to tell you what to think. Here’s the conversation, you are welcome and encouraged to draw your own conclusions:

 @ShaunKing #restoringhonor a moment of honor to God and our country.

 God is moving, people. God is moving. Get in, get in, GET IN #restoringhonor  

 It has nothing to do with politics. It has everything to do with God. #restoringhonor

 @TruthfulTweets: “Glenn Beck is one of America’s most trusted and honored citizens.” ~ J Huntsman #restoringhonor

 @smencimer: Beck has officially become a televangelist. #restoringhonor

 This is not about politics, it’s about God.” Don’t overthrow the government, go back to church. #restoringhonor

@tillerylakelady: RT @mlwebb: Why can’t our country’s leaders have this kind of love and zeal for America? #RestoringHonor

@americanshadow: Listen to the Glen Beck Rally, he’s not selling us HOPE like obama but rather GIVING us HOPE. #restoringhonor

I haven’t seen one single teleprompter today at #RestoringHonor rally. These people, all of them, are speaking from their hearts. #828

@CatholicNotions: Wow. This is so inspiring! *Unity!* #restoringhonor

 @theRealExTex: I pray that the Grace of Our Lord will enter the hearts of Liberals and rid them of the awful burden of HATE they carry.

@DivineMoments: Open your hearts, Libs. Evil shrinks in the Light of Love. #restoringhonor

 “Liberals hold us individually responsible for nothing but collectively responsible for everything.” ThomasSowell #RestoringHonor

 @PoliticalJules: At least the haters are watching. Planting a seed in their hearts. God works miracles through us. #828

@DrewWalker7: Do not allow #p2 to steal your joy today. We conservatives know the meaning and purpose behind #RestoringHonor. Rise above ignorance.

@pamelagorman: Gotta ask: If ur so offended by name Jesus & hate these folks- Y are U watching?!

@waddatwit: The hate speech & dirty language that ppl R using abt #restoringhonor is another indication that the nation needs to restore honor.

#restoringhonor A woman has been puking on “Phase Three” stage for over 60 Minutes. Death panels may be something to think about.

 @RobSmithJr: I have not seen a better commemoration of Martin Luther King, Jr. & his dream than Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally. #restoringhonor

To everyone calling the #glenn beck event a gathering of KKK raciest: are you calling Alveda King, niece of MLK, a raciest as well?

There’s more black Americans on Glenn Beck’s stage than at Al Sharpton’s Rally. #restoringhonor

@ConservativeLA: Only a politically-suicidal mindset would look at #RestoringHonor and see racism. Left is as done as done can be.

@petercoffin: It’s nice to see black people and white people coming together to hate Arabs and Mexicans. #restoringhonor

@sarahherring: The white people are trying to act like they have some “soul.” Haha. #RestoringHonor

 I could really do without the music, @glennbeck, @restoringhonor #restoringhonor

Rally attendees looking confused as parade of black singers perform in front of Lincoln. “I want my money back,” said one. #RestoringHonor

@mpk33: The Left is here and they’re picking fights with #restoringhonor attendees. Just saw physical assult.

Jesus also criticized people who were hypocrites – claiming to be holy but not compassionate #restoringhonor

 @cspanwj #restoringhonor Uh Mr Beck u are the media aren’t u?

@michellemalkin: Ha! T-shirt at #restoringhonor rally: “Does the Constitution say we the sheeple?”

 @JosephAGallant: THOMAS SOWELL: Our schools are teaching children what to think, but not how. Artificial Stupidity. #RestoringHonor

 After today it’s safe to say that the only threat Glenn Beck poses is to history majors and teachers #glennbeck

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