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  • The Heaven test

    The Heaven test

    I've seen this booth or one exactly like it for the past several days at the Umatilla County fairgrounds. There are usually longer lines at the booth where Elephant Ears are sold but I've seen people at this booth, too. Last night I saw an[..]
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  • John Deere Brigade

    John Deere Brigade

    It's fair week in Umatilla County. Shelby and Konnie were home over the weekend and we headed downtown on Saturday to take in the parade activities. I don't know if the girls think it's as much fun as it used to be, back when they[..]
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  • Q&A with Sam McLeod

    Q&A with Sam McLeod

    Ham biscuits cause Sam McLeod to go weak in the knees. So does his mama’s meat loaf, fried chicken done right, mac-and-cheese with oysters, and pie of any sort, although chess pie is his favorite. Like a lot of southern folks, Sam McLeod has rarely[..]
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  • A leader in the faith

    A leader in the faith

    This is the place where I want your thoughts on something. You know that I wrote that letter Miz Rice and that it was published at a couple of different places -- Burnside and Well, the discussion over at Relevant has been lively,[..]
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  • Gifts


    I made a trip to Detour Farm this week. I will be telling you more about that on Monday. While I was there Miz Annie gave me a gift -- a dozen of the most beautiful eggs I've ever seen. Aren't they pretty? I didn't[..]
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  • Discussion continues

    Discussion continues

    Relevant Mag picked up the Letter to Anne Rice. The discussion continues on their site. Click here to join in.
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  • A letter to Anne Rice

    A letter to Anne Rice

    Dear Ms. Anne: You don't know me, so please excuse the intrusion. I hope you won't think this too forward but I read about your recent remarks about quitting Christianity: "For those who care, and I understand if you don't: Today I quit being a[..]
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  • The Boy’s Birthday Blessing

    The Boy’s Birthday Blessing

    So the truth is that 30 years ago now, I thought I was raising up a future TV Evangelist. Or maybe it was a used car salesman. Red pants, Mom, really? And that plaid jacket? It's still tucked away in the foot locker with all[..]
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  • The Lump in God’s Throat

    The Lump in God’s Throat

    He leaned over to Kim and said, "Can you believe he's 53?" It was a remark aimed at the youthfulness of my husband. "Yeah," I said. "We've got that whole George and Barbara Bush thing going on. People ask if he's my son." Sigh. Tim[..]
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