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  • The Woman Who Believes in Science

    The Woman Who Believes in Science

    There are these two chairs tucked into the corner next to the blood pressure machine at our local pharmacy. This is the waiting place for those about to get their flu shots or have just gotten a flu shot, or any other of the myriad[..]
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  • Bravo Governor Youngkin

    Bravo Governor Youngkin

    Wow! I never imagined a Republican governor would come to the aid of children in schools but Governor Youngkin has made it clear that in the State of Virginia every parent has the right to protect their child. He couldn't have stated that right any[..]
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  • What’s a Girl Supposed to Do?

    What’s a Girl Supposed to Do?

    I got word he is running for a job as a state legislator. That surprised me because as a public official in one of Oregon's rural cities, he's done nothing much other than show up at ribbon cuttings and every other photo op event. Years[..]
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  • Go Barefoot More

    Go Barefoot More

    Tim and I headed out to Sisters, Oregon, on Tuesday. As an anniversary gift, I got us tickets to hear The Kruger Brothers at The Belfry (no bats included). Music is one of the few areas of our lives that we are in kinship over.[..]
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  • Whiney Granny

    Whiney Granny

    Every summer, Tim packs a backpack and heads off into his beloved Wallowa Mountains. He's been going off into the woods as long as we've been together, which today just so happens to mark 45 years of married bliss and chaos, heavy on the latter.[..]
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  • The Unlovely Truth

    The Unlovely Truth

    Every now and again I get asked to do a podcast... This is the latest one with an actual private investigator.... Let me know what you think or any questions you might have:      
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  • The Playbook for White Christian Nationalists

    The Playbook for White Christian Nationalists

    I've taught First Amendment Rights, Feature Writing, Media & Culture at Central Washington University. I've taught dozens of writing workshops across the country and overseas, and I continue to substitute teach as my schedule allows.  I'm married to an educator who spent 40-plus years in[..]
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  • The Dignity of a Child

    The Dignity of a Child

    There is this story I tell in the memoir I wrote about our family coping with the death of our father. It goes like this: We were living in a trailer park off Morris Road. I was 11 or 12, and Mama needed to have[..]
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  • Evangelical Ex-Pats: Beth Moore’s Memoir

    Evangelical Ex-Pats: Beth Moore’s Memoir

      It's really no secret. Ever since Donald Trump declared himself God's gift to mankind and the heads of Evangelical Churches around the country lined up in allegiance to him, I have gone on a hiatus from all things church. Sure, the pandemic made it[..]
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  • What Harry Said

    What Harry Said

    Harry Belafonte died today. He was 96. Throughout his career, Belafonte infused our lives with joy even as he reminded us that we could and should do better. A confidante of MLK, Belafonte was an activist for Civil Rights. A person of mixed race, Belafonte[..]
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