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The Holiness of Place

Can you see the holiness of a place


the “No Trespass” sign?

That moment

 when you knew the things


even to the “Video Surveillance”?

Bowed your heart

                        in silent gratitude

because words

                           nor song

were enough.

Only sucked back sobbing

                                                   would suffice

in such a sacred space.

Book Karen

Appearances: Bristol, Johnson City & Knoxville


18119635I am on the road this week. I have a couple of book events lined up in Tennessee. If you are around for either of them, I’d love to see you. Come on out. Bring your friends. Tell your librarians & book clubs.
Author Signing

Jun 22, 2014 2:00 PM

Barnes & Noble Booksellers
Johnson City
Franklin Terrace
3030 Franklin Terrace
Johnson City


Tuesday, June 24, 6 p.m.

Union Avenue Books
517 Union Ave
Knoxville Tennessee
I will also be making an appearance on WCYB in Bristol, Va on Friday’s noon show with Rebecca Pepin. You may recall that I worked with Rebecca on the Faces of the Fallen project some years back. It will be a treat to meet up with Rebecca in person!
on http://www.wcyb.com/station/newsteam/14590054

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The Problem of Evil

I have been intentionally silent.  Instead of blogging, I have spent time listening to the ramblings  of Elliot Rodger. I watched the news reports of Richard Martinez grieving for his beautiful son, Christopher, one of Rodger’s victims.

Mostly I have sat in silence and grieved for the dead and the families they left behind.

Those law enforcement officers in Vegas.

The Wal-Mart shopper.

The students at Seattle Pacific University.

And now the family of Emilio Hoffman at Reynolds High School in Portland.

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Shrews for Jesus

Shrews for Jesus



ATHARINE, the Shrew, was the eldest daughter of Baptista, a rich gentleman of Padua. She was a lady of such an ungovernable spirit and fiery temper, such a loud-tongued scold, that she was known in Padua by no other name than Katharine the Shrew.

Forget about her.

Meet me,  Karen. A lady of such an ungovernable spirit and fiery temper, such a loud-tongued scold, that I am known by no other name than Shrew for Jesus.

I married the Missionary’s son.

I’ve been blessed with one onery son, who hasn’t spoken to me in months, and three nearly-perfect daughters, who every morn  upon rising pray to the Sandal-footed Jesus that they don’t grow up to be like their mama. I am the mother-in-law to a verified Sinner, which means all of my grandchildren are doomed to be Sinners.

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About Emily Letts & that Abortion Video


Writing about the pros and cons of abortion always makes me feel like a hypocrite. How can I possible advise others when I know how wrenching and personal such a decision can be?

On one hand I don’t feel the least bit qualified to offer up thoughts about abortion. And on the other hand, I feel like who better to offer up such thoughts than someone who has been through it?

Granted the abortions of today are nothing like the abortions of 1974. No longer are young girls required to check into a hospital and be assigned a room on the maternity floor for a three-day stay as I was.

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