A new hood to hang out in

I have a lot of things to catch you up on:

-the Paul  Young event in Seattle

-the Anne Jackson event in Portland

– the surgery

– Ashley’s car wreck

But perhaps the biggest news of all is something I haven’t yet confided to you — I am moving.

Well, not me physically. I’m staying put. I’ve got books to read and write, a dog to retrain and a husband to ignore.

But this blog site. It’s moving.

A while back the very good folks over at Patheos.com contacted me and invited me to join their staff of bloggers and experts.

I knew of Patheos only because my buddy Scot McKnight at Jesus Creed was leaving BeliefNet and moving Jesus Creed over to Patheos.

I wondered if perhaps he had suggested me. But Timothy Dalrymple claimed to have found me all on his own. He didn’t mention whether he was in the post office at the time, reading the Wanted posters or not. He just said he found me and would like for me to join their team.

They have an impressive bunch of folks there — real scholars, academics, historians and such, which begs the question of why they would want someone like me. But maybe they need friends in low places, too. Somebody who has been behind bars and inside of them.

I explained to them that I’m kind of free-wheeling and that I have never had advertising on my site because I never wanted to worry about pleasing people when it comes to speaking what I’m thinking or observing what I’m observing. They said that was fine and dandy with them. They liked what I had to say.

And they liked what you all had to say, too.

Some of you have been reading my blog since I first started it back in 2004. I appreciate that long-friendship. Of course my biggest fan, Gordon, has passed away and I hate that. I hate that he’s missing out on this. But then again I think well, maybe Gordon put somebody up to this. I imagine he’s poking God in the side all the time telling him to pay attention to me. I’m delusional that way.

I was very reluctant to change to a new site because well, I don’t want you all to throw in the towel on me and think somehow you don’t matter. I worried about whether you’d make the move with me. I worried about whether you’d feel comfortable saying what you thought on a different blog site.

I worry alot.

Too much.

The thing is while I appreciate you all, each of you, making this move will hopefully put us all in touch with a bigger audience.

You all are the faithful few.

A writer’s livelihood depends upon the faithfulness and the devotion of her audience. The bigger the audience, the more her publisher does the happy dance and everyone knows as long as the publisher is deliriously happy, I can write books about something other than vampires.

So we are moving. All of us, I hope, to a venue where the audience will get so big that the Tea Party will desert Glenn Beck and start following me instead.

Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

Just so you know, the site isn’t going to look much different than this one. There’s going to be advertising. Hopefully none of those belly fat ads. I take that personally. But the blog page will look identical. We’ll be  using the same WordPress program so you ought to be able to comment just like you always have.

You do need to add this link to your favorites:  http://www.patheos.com/community/karenspearszacharias/

And here’s the RSS feed link: http://www.patheos.com/community/karenspearszacharias/feed/

I’ll be leaving this post up so if you get lost in the transistion you can always come back here to newsite.karenzach.com and find me. But starting tomorrow — Wednesday — all the new blog posts will be at: http://www.patheos.com/community/karenspearszacharias/

That’s where we will pick up the discussion on Paul Young, surgery, the car wreck, etc.

We all get an awesome new hood to hang out in and explore, how cool is that?

Blessings, Karen

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