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This is the place where I want your thoughts on something. You know that I wrote that letter Miz Rice and that it was published at a couple of different places — Burnside Writers.com and RelevantMagazine.com. Well, the discussion over at Relevant has been lively, to say the least. Some of the comments are longer than the original post. That always makes a blogger like me smile, because one of the points of writing is to spark dialogue. Or as I like to say, I don’t want to tell you what to think — I just want you to think.

So I try and write in a fashion that sparks those engines.

But there was one comment on the Relevant site, pretty early into the discussion, that stuck in my craw. (That’s southern-speak for gave me a wedgie).

Here’s what he said:

It’s a shame this voice of correction didn’t come from a leader in the faith. Someone must call to account the joke of American Christianity.
Just for disclaimer’s sake let me state that I know from whence I come and if you read this blog enough, you’ll know that about me.
But I also know that God can use any jackass to get his point across. Sometimes I believe He’s used even me.
Still, I can’t help but wonder — who does this fellow see as “a leader in the faith”? Who did he want to say these things?  The Pope? Brian McLaren? Rob Bell? Mark Driscoll? Don Miller? Andy Stanley? Joel Osteen?
Because I suspect that no matter who the woman was that said these things, he wasn’t going to regard her as a “leader in the faith.”
Would he have regarded the voice of correction more highly if it had come from Annie Lamott? Or would he have found a way to marginalize her, too?
Jez wondering…

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