Month: September 2018

  • And One Another

    And One Another

      The eternal hell we feared is here That lake of fire that burns within tears of rage sop pillows, fill palms.   They taught us that hell was reserved for the hereafter, was reserved for those who denied Creator. They lied They are lying,[..]
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  • For your listening pleasure

    For your listening pleasure

    I am off to West Virginia tomorrow. A week ago I interviewed with West Virginia Public Broadcast. I'm offering you the link here. I hope you enjoy it and I hope to see some of you along the way.  
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  • The Way Men Shame Us

    The Way Men Shame Us

      Back when I was a teenager, a girlfriend I love very much got pregnant. She was 16. Her daddy was a pastor. Her momma a Bible School teacher. She told no one. Not one soul. She would lay on her bed and stuff her[..]
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  • Writing My Way Through Fears

    Writing My Way Through Fears

      For the past several years, I have amassed hundreds of pages of documents and photos, and conducted a bevy of interviews in order to write the book I'm currently at work on. It's a true crime story. Several of you have heard me talk[..]
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  • Pioneers Rising Up: Fosbury & Strahorn Book Giveaways

    Pioneers Rising Up: Fosbury & Strahorn Book Giveaways

    Two of my favorite people have published books this week. Jane Kirkpatrick's latest novel, Everything She Didn't Say, is an exploration of the life of real life pioneer Carrie Strahorn, who penned her own memoir in 1911, titled Fifteen Thousand Miles by Stage.  I'm thinking[..]
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