Month: April 2015

  • Almost Foolish Acts of Creativity

    Almost Foolish Acts of Creativity

    Forty years ago, I  was a freshman in college and had just moved from Georgia to Oregon. Typically, I made it a habit to avoid all news coming out of Vietnam. But if ever my father's death felt like it was in vain it was[..]
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  • Good doesn’t have a color

    Good doesn’t have a color

    I heard it said all my life. You might have heard it too. "Don't go messing in your own bed." It's a colloquialism. The South is full of them. I grew up in two Souths: The segregated one and the integrated one. Both of them[..]
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  • Football stories

    Football stories

        Football has been the topic of nearly every conversation I've had lately. That's due in part to the fact that Altrusa International of Hermiston is hosting author Charles Martin for our One Book One Community read this week. The novel we chose to[..]
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  • The Power of the B-I-B-L-E

    The Power of the B-I-B-L-E

    I love the Bible. I love it for its poetry. And I love it for its song. I love it for its wisdom. And I love it for its hope. I love the way it gives comfort, like a mother or a father reaching out[..]
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  • Why we never gave up on church

    Why we never gave up on church

    Millennial. We were like you once, Not so very long ago. We, after all, were the ones who taught you the words of The B-I-B-L-E And how deep and wide is Our Father's Love. You aren't the first, you know, to raise the issues We[..]
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  • Rap Music 60s version

    Rap Music 60s version

    [embed][/embed] True confession: Sometimes Tim and I put on old music and dance. We are not good dancers, either one of us, but we do it anyway. Nobody is watching us but the dogs, so who cares? Well, I mean the dogs care. They don't[..]
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  • Dressing up for Trial

    Dressing up for Trial

    I'm sensitive to these sorts of things, you understand. I can't help myself. A person's background informs present realities. So when I see pictures like the one above of Army Major John Jackson wearing full dress uniform as he heads into court, I want to holler[..]
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  • Finding Your Tribe

    Finding Your Tribe

    Let's talk for a moment about that tribe thingy. Ever since Malcolm Gladwell wrote about this deep-seated need we have to belong, "finding my tribe" has become a buzz phrase. People talk about it in the workplace, at the coffeehouse and at every conference I've attended[..]
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  • The Quran, Homosexuality & that Religious Freedom Law

    The Quran, Homosexuality & that Religious Freedom Law

      I saw this report the other day. Perhaps you saw it, too? Islam, the world's fastest-growing faith, will leap from 1.6 billion (in 2010) to 2.76 billion by 2050, according to the Pew study. At that time, Muslims will make up nearly one-third of[..]
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  • Jesus in the Kudzu

    Jesus in the Kudzu

    [caption id="attachment_1506" align="aligncenter" width="373"] Jesus in the Kudzu[/caption]   He wears tats upon his thin frame and silver studs on his lips. His jeans fall inches below his gray Calvin underwear. The first day I spoke with him, he wasn't wearing a shirt. He was[..]
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