Month: April 2012

  • Grace & Poetry

    Grace & Poetry

      You need to know how God-infused this journey has been. I arrived at WAMU station early. We actually went to the wrong floor but some British chap noticed how lost we looked and offered to escort us back to the right place. To finish[..]
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  • I Know Miracle

    I Know Miracle

    I already know miracle. L’Engle I came across those words this morning in my readings. I started out reading’s Miroslav Volf’s A Public Faith. A man I have known for a very long time commented over coffee recently that he was pleased to hear me say before God[..]
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  • Homer Simpson’s Hometown Meeting

    Homer Simpson’s Hometown Meeting

    The girl with the gentle smile came up behind me, quietly, like a five-year old who knows not to interrupt when mommy is talking. I'd just finished a talk at City Hall in Springfield, Oregon. Yes. The very home of Homer Simpson. Reading at the[..]
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  • Enchanted Easter

    Enchanted Easter

    They stood in groups of three or four and some all by their lonesome waiting for the opportunity to share a story of being the foster parent the medical provider the caseworker the immigrant or the husband to the wife whose daughter was abused. Some[..]
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  • Redemption in Shoe Leather

    Redemption in Shoe Leather

    I just got off the phone with a writer from the Walla Walla Union Bulletin. I've spoken to morejournalists in the past week than I have in the past year. That's good news because it means the press -- the people who have to write these[..]
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