Praying for Peyton


PeytonSister Tater is a fanatic.

No, I’m not talking about her religious practices, though some might perceive her as fanatical that way, too. Sister Tater is a card-carrying member of the Assembly of God faith tradition and all that entails. The girl gets up o’dawn-thirty to pray in the day.

Come tomorrow, she’ll undoubtedly get up even earlier so that she can pray over Peyton.

Yes. Sister Tater is one of those kind of Christians. She prays over everything. When it comes to praying, nothing is too big or too small for her to discuss with God. I used to be like that, but then the Moral Majority came along and ruined all that for me. (It’s a complicated matter best saved for another time.)

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Hard to Say for Sure


It’s hard to know who to believe. I mean unless you were there, boots-on-the-ground, how can any of us know whose account of the shooting death of LaVoy Finicum to trust?

And even if you are there boots-on-the ground, the accounts of Finicum’s death still doesn’t line up.

Victoria Sharps claims to be an eye-witness to the shooting, which according to her account, was more like a slaughter. Click here to hear her side of the events.

But her version is disputed by Mark McConnell, who while not claiming to be a direct eyewitness the way Sharps was, still says he saw enough to know LaVoy Finicum charged at law enforcement officers. Click here to read his side of the events.

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You are invited



  • To the Springer Opera House, April 7-17th, for the debut stage production of Mother of Rain.




  • Who is adapting the play? 
  • Paul Pierce, artistic director at the Springer, has written the stage adaptation. I, like all the other audience members, will be on hand to enjoy the creativity that the novel inspired. I am honored and thrilled to have Paul take on this project. I can’t wait to see his adaptation.


  • Is there music? 
  • Yes. The Springer commissioned Kerry Phillips of Culver City, Calif. to produce music for the play. I wish I knew how to upload some of the early clips I’ve heard. Phillips has really captured the spirit of the mountain with his music.


  • Who is directing the play? 
  • The multi-talented Kimberly Faith Hickman.  Based in NYC, Kimberly’s credits include Broadway, Off Broadway, national tours and regional theatre productions across the country.  Focusing on new and existing work by contemporary writers, including both plays and musicals, her directing and choreography work has been praised by Backstage and other news publications as “verbally and visually bursting with ideas”, “smartly staged”, “impeccable”, “deft,” “well paced” and “inventive and impressive.” On Broadway, Kimberly has worked on productions that earned 19 Tony® Award nominations combined.  Off-Broadway she has worked on productions at Manhattan Theatre Club, Roundabout Theatre Company, Atlantic Theatre Company, Women’s Project, Epic Theatre Ensemble, Theatre Row and PTP / NYC at Atlantic Stage 2, as well as terraNOVA Collective, Horse Trade Theatre Group, Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, Tongue In Cheek Theater, Attic Theater Company, Origin Theatre Company, and Writopia Lab.
  • You can find out more about her at

     Who is starring in it? 

  • 12019823_10207354092867958_7782855764928326577_n
  • Melissa Saint-Amand is Maizee
  • 12046584_10207354092907959_3395391053791188625_n
  • Donna Biscoe is Burdy
  • 12185240_10205110440623913_2080528266559395089_o
  • Andy Harvey is Zebulon Hurd
  • 12144870_10154484497313018_6711307606006079904_n
  • Griffeth Ian Whitehurst is Kade Mashburn.
  • 298072_10200983636294872_331789927_n
  • Stacy Cunningham is Leela-Ma
  • 12049413_10207354093507974_2912149247109201113_n
  • Ari McClean as Wheedin.

It is good and necessary to be reminded that in quiet corners the world over, people are finding creative ways to challenge the danger of telling one story about a people.  Mother of Rain is at its heart a story about community, what draws us together, what breaks our heart, what mends us and what binds us together again. It is a story of healing.

I do hope you will join us in Columbus in April for this debut. I will be attending the play on April 7th and 8th. I would love to see you there.

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About that Palin Endorsement



If I wasn’t sick enough already, then there was the moment I spent watching Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump. I couldn’t bear to watch the whole thing, given my weakened condition. I find Palin nauseating even when I don’t have the flu bug.

What, pray tell, do Americans see in this woman?

Isn’t having a Palin endorsement the same as having Putin invite you in for some of his special home-brewed tea?

I couldn’t watch Palin, given my already queasy state, so I read the transcript of her endorsement instead.

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Powerball & the Poet

line 1

What will you do with this one wild life of yours? the poet asked.

Not spend one second of it standing in line to buy a Powerball ticket, the old woman replied.

But what if you won, what would you do with it? the novice asked.

Why? Did you buy a ticket?

No, the novice rued.

Well, what would you do, if you had won? the old woman inquired.  While money didn’t interest her, the imaginings always had.

Go to Hawaii, said he.

Shop, said she. Where is the largest mall?

In Canada, another chimed in. I’ve been.

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