The Debate Is Rigged



Donald Trump fears that Monday’s debate will be unfair. He assumed that the moderator, Lester Holt, was a Democrat.

Trump was wrong about that. Holt has long been a registered Republican.

Trump is right, however, when he says the debate will be unjust.

The debate is rigged from the get-go.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of being judged fairly by the millions expected to watch the debate.

National Public Radio did an excellent job of delineating why that is:

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Book Giveaway #6: You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone



I got a note from a friend recently asking for prayer. She has some health problems, some financial hardships and on top of it all she is missing her mama and daddy.

A girl never gets over missing good parents. I always miss my parents more during this pressing-in season. Mama was the inspiration for so much of my writing that for an entire year after she died, I was unable to write. I couldn’t concentrate well enough. I felt like I had nothing more to say to the world. (Boy did this election ever change that!)

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Book Giveaway #5: The Broken Way





I run into people almost daily who tell me they are heartsick. Heartsick about this election. Heartsick about the failing health of a parent, a grandchild, a friend. Heartsick with loneliness. Heartsick with financial woes. Heartsick with impending pressures of work and worry. Heartsick over the tragic loss of a loved one.

No question. We are a broken people.

What do you do when you need to restore yourself?

I get a massage or go for a drive along the river, or call a friend whom I know will cheer me.

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A Supreme Court Marriage: Trump & Thiel


I cancelled my PayPal account after the GOP convention, after I learned that Peter Thiel was supporting Donald Trump. When a PayPal rep asked why I was cancelling my long-standing account I told them exactly why. “I understand,” the poor rep replied.

Now it seems that a lot of Trump’s supporters are going to be facing their own conflicting decisions: Do I? Or don’t I?

For months now, Trump has been baiting GOPers and fence-sitters with the same mantra: Remember the Supreme Court.

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Book Giveaway #4: We Are Charleston


charlestonIf there is anything this nation needs right now, it’s healing. We are a broken people. No question. Our nation is like a big oozing wound. We are sore in all sorts of places. If you are like me, you are probably wondering where do we go to heal?

We Are Charleston may just help us figure that out.

This nonfiction account in the aftermath of the Mother Emanuel shooting is the collaborative work of my friend and South Carolina Poet Laureate Marjory Wentworth, Herb Frazier, award-winning journalist and childhood member of Mother Emanuel, and Dr. Bernard Edward Powers , A.M.E. Church member and professor of history at the College of Charleston.

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