• Dear Mr. President

    Dear Mr. President

    Dear Mr. President: As a Gold Star daughter (Stf. Sgt. David P. Spears, Panel 9E, Line 71), I hold very dear all that this country has granted me in the way of freedoms. As someone who has taught First Amendment Rights at Central Washington University,[..]
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  • Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me!

    Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me!

      In November of 2016, I turned 60. To celebrate my 60th birthday, I went on a silent retreat at Mt. Angel Abbey, outside of Portland. I had never been on a silent retreat before, but it was something I had longed to do since[..]
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  • The Power of Women Who Vote

    The Power of Women Who Vote

      I took the dog for a walk. It was colder than I expected, a bitter wind was blowing. I was dressed for the cold but not for the wind. Instead of going for our usual four miles, I cut it down to two miles.[..]
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  • The God of Christian Nationalists

    The God of Christian Nationalists

    I have been listening to the podcast "Teaching Texas" on Apple podcast. It follows the journey of how textbooks are adopted and how the state of Texas has held a critical influential role in what is included and what is excluded in textbooks across America.[..]
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  • In Pursuit of a Welcoming Place

    In Pursuit of a Welcoming Place

    She was pushing a broom, picking up litter left by inconsiderate customers. I'm sorry if I'm in your way, she said. Not at all, I replied, scooting my chair to make room for her. I read her name tag and thought it said Stacey, so[..]
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  • The Republican Party’s Minstrel

    The Republican Party’s Minstrel

    I met a man at a bar last night. He asked if I was in town on business. As a matter of fact, I said. I found out he was from Kentucky. Oh, some of my favorite writers are from Kentucky, I remarked. Silas House,[..]
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  • On the Road Again

    On the Road Again

      I am going to be on tour for the new book starting Tuesday. Please join me at one of these stops if you are nearby: Tuesday, Oct. 4, Beaufort, SC, Nevermore Books & Pat Conroy Literary Center. 910 Port Republic Street Beaufort, South Carolina.[..]
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  • The Electorate

    The Electorate

    Our biggest challenge is electing politicians worthy of the country they represent. Politicians who stop tearing the country down every time they lose. That was the admonition I heard from a news show host this morning. The host went on to say that this country[..]
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  • Dust Bound for Glory

    Dust Bound for Glory

      St. Nicholas is the church I attended during my time in Scotland. Rev. Fraser Aitken's speaks from a heart of deep understanding and love.  Move the cursor to 28 mins where the sermon starts and ponder his insights.  Nothing good is ever lost. Seek[..]
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