About Those Emails of Hillary’s

Lose email

There has been a lot of hullabaloo over Hillary Clinton’s missing/deleted emails. Donald Trump, who is the first presidential candidate in modern history to tell voters they can rot in H-E-DoubleToothpicks because he’s never releasing his taxes, wants voters to believe that the reason Clinton dumped her emails is because she has some big secret she’s hiding, all the while he’s carrying on a mutual admiration affair with Russia’s Putin, out in the open before God and everybody.

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Media Bashing: A National Sport



Back when I was a reporter working the streets, one of my regular beats was cops and courts. I began my mornings by routine stops at the Oregon State Police, the city police, and the Sheriff’s Department. I would read through the phone logs for the previous 24 hours and make note of anything out of the ordinary. Most of these calls concerned things like dogs barking, neighbors arguing, unsightly trash, etc. But there would always be the random stabbing, the DUI by a local official, a body floating in the river, or the 53-year old man and a 14-year old having sex on the beach.

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Trump Confirms the Election of 2016 is Rigged

News sources are reporting that the thing Republicans feared most is true: Donald Trump’s campaign is a hoax. He only accepted their nomination because he is determined to see Hillary Clinton become the 46th President of the United States.

Breaking news this morning from DailyCon.com reports that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been carrying on an affair behind closed doors since the Summer of 1968 when the two met at a anti-war protest on the campus of Syracuse University.


HllDon2 Hillary told Glamour magazine that she first noticed the Don because he was wearing a special boot because of heel spurs that had kept him out of the most dangerous period of the war – the Tet Offensive. 

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Why Won’t Trump Shut Up?


Let’s talk for a moment, shall we?

If your newsfeed on Facebook or Twitter is anything like mine, all those precious kitten memes have been replaced by memes of Donald Trump.

As a writer and a curious person, someone who tries to understand motivations of others, I have sought out conversations one-on-one with people who are Trump supporters. For the record, I have several family members and more than a handful of friends who are voting for Trump.  I have even lost some friends over my opposition to Trump.

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Don’t Share that Post



This election season has a lot of us running around putting out fires. Between Hillary Clinton’s propensity for dodging the truth and Donald Trump’s inability to bridle his tongue, and the media’s lack of professionalism, is it any wonder all of us are having a difficult time fettering out truth from fiction?

In the past 24 hours, I have personally dealt with at least five or six fires created by people clicking and sharing outright lies, or if you prefer, half-truths, which if you ask your mom is the same thing as a lie.

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