Mad Women Hikers

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The plan was to go on a leisurely hike, then have a late lunch in Sisters, Oregon. You know, pushing the baby in the stroller so everyone can enjoy The Boy as much as the rest of us do.

That was the plan.

As we drove through Sisters, I even asked, Did you bring the stroller?

Yes, she answered.

This hike came highly recommended by the Other Sister. She has hiked Sahalie Falls several times. She was the first to tell me about Tamolitch Blue Pool. I have wanted to see the Blue Pool ever since Other Sister told me about it.

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The Lone Gunman in America



You probably think this is going to be some rant about gun control.

It’s not.

Though, as I told one commenter on Facebook today, if you isolate people on an island and don’t give any of them guns, or access to guns, you can be 100 percent certain that no one is going to die from a gunshot wound.

Being human and all, however, you can also be certain that they will figure out a way to kill each other.

That’s what we do.

I tell Tim all the time that John Locke was wrong and Thomas Hobbes pegged us all right.

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The Vows We Break

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The last time the West Coast contingent of the Spears family came together was for Mama’s funeral. This past weekend we came from up (Los Angeles) and down  (Seattle) the West Coast for my nephew Robert’s wedding.

West Coast Spears Clan

West Coast Spears Clan

Robert is the youngest of Brother John’s boys.

Grandma Shelby loved all her grandchildren but she was fiercely protective of Robert, who, as his best man stated, posesses “a childlike faith in God.”

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You know how every person in every family has backstory, and those stories often tell things about our personalities? The story everyone tells on Robert is the one about when he put some homeless people up in a hotel room and they took advantage of him. It’s a story that reveals a lot about Robert, about how good and kind-hearted he is, about how he loves people with abandon, wholly and completely. In our family, when we talk about who is the best of us all, Robert leads the list. Grandma Shebly wasn’t the only one fiercly protective of Robert. We all feel that way about him. You feel that way about anything valuable, any treasure. Robert is our family’s treasure.

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Bayeux.Church (1) - Copy



The other night while walking Tim & I ran into someone we hadn’t seen in ages. She had just gotten back from France, where she had visited Bayeux, Basse-Normandie, France, the town where much of Burdy takes place. Here’s what the always delightful Karen Karbo had to say about this book: “Karen Spears Zacharias’ new novel offers a full strength dose of reading joy. Tough and warm, sly and wise, Burdy demands a single sitting read. Prepare to be captivated.” Preorder your copy at your favorite Independent bookstore now, or wherever fine books are sold. And can you find the depiction of this church on the cover of Burdy? 

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VA’s Broken Promises



He’s a family member, this veteran I know. But he’d have you know that he was never on the front lines, never fought in combat the way so many of my veteran friends did, the way my own daddy did. So for far too many years, really up until just two years ago, I didn’t know anything about the injury he sustained while serving in Germany.

It was an injury severe enough to land him in the hospital, when the infection set in he was life-flighted to a bigger, better hospital. They called his momma and daddy back home in Oregon and told them that he was pretty sick and unsure of how it might all turn out. All his folks could do was sit by the phone and pray. They are good praying people, those two, so they did that.

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