Truth Stands Alone


I don’t want to believe that Bill Cosby did those things those women say he did.

But here’s a fact about truth: It can stand alone. Truth is not determined by who believes in it and who doesn’t.

We – the public – don’t know the truth about what really happened between Bill Cosby and the women alleging abuse.

Either Bill Cosby drugged those women and sexually assaulted them.

Or he did not.

There is no room for middle ground in a sexual assault case.

Thus far, we the public, have no evidence with which to make an intelligent judgement call.

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Finding our best selves

This short film is worth your half-hour.

It’s a story of creativity and imagination.

A story of hope and devotion.

A story that transports.

A story that reminds us that we find our best selves when we love others.

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Who My People Are



My people are a superstitious bunch.

We don’t walk behind rocking chairs.

We don’t iron on Sundays.

Lord, God forgive us quick if we break a mirror.

Who can afford seven years of bad luck?


My people know that if your nose is itching, company’s a’coming.

They know if there’s a ring around the full moon, somebody you love is going to die.

They know if your ears are burning, somebody’s talking about you.

They know there will be a winter snow for every fog in August.

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Honoring those other Veterans of War


Galloway. Moses. Me



Joe Galloway is a journalist, author, friend.

Joe Galloway is also a veteran of wars.  Several of them, including the ones still ongoing in Iraq and Afghanistan. And, yes, I know the war in Iraq is reportedly “over.”

Try telling that to ISIS.

The first war zone Galloway served in was never a declared war: Vietnam. Congress, it would seem, has been waffling on wars for as long as the US has been waging them.

This Veterans Day Galloway will be in DC speaking to the crowds gathered at the World War II Memorial. Later he will head over to the Vietnam Memorial Wall to be with the crowds there.

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Pray to Jesus, Play the Lotto

Thank you, Eleanor, for this song. I think whoever wrote it knew our family well.

So much about this song I love but it sure did remind me a lot of Will Jesus Buy Me a Doublewide? ’cause I need more room for my plasma TV.  I ought to write a sequel and name it after this song.

This was some of my kinfolk’s form of the Prosperity Gospel.


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