Mama June: What were you thinking?



Mama June. Mama June. Mama June.

How could you?

Welcome back Mark McDaniel, the convicted sex abuser who abused your own daughter?

No man is worth the value of a daughter well-loved.

Has all this fame and fleeting fortune (Just ask Kate) muddled your brain?

Your daughter says you didn’t believe her when she told you.

Like so many women, you chose to believe a lie and the liar who told it.

Are you really so desperate for love that you are willing to put all your children in harm’s way?

So willing for the pretend of romance that you have sacrificed your primary source of income, a reality TV show that depicts the worse kind of reality – a mother who cares less for her children then the men who abuse them.

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Freaky Mama


Stephan Tim. Halloween

When I was in Wenatchee last week I got a preview of my grandson in his Halloween outfit and ohmygosh is it the cutest thing ever! I’d post a photo of him to charm you but his daddy and mama forbade me to take any until Halloween. You can be sure I’ll be putting up photos of him come Halloween.

I get to spend part of the day with Sullivan and his mama.

His mama is the one who came up with the idea of his costume and then created it. Tim and I are delighted to have raised up such creative children. These kids of our ours have fabulous imaginations.

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Proud to be Trailer-Bred

Pic.9C.Crystal Valley



Several years ago, while I was speaking at Village Books in Bellingham, Washington, a lovely woman approached me.  She didn’t give me her name at first but she said we knew each other.

Don’t you remember me? she asked.

I studied her face for a moment. She seemed like somebody I would want to know, somebody I would want to be friends with, but I simply couldn’t place her.

I can’t believe you don’t recognize me, she said.

I could tell she was disappointed. I was disappointed, too. I hate it when I can’t place a name with a face.

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The Why of Jack O’ Lanterns



The following is an excerpt from MOTHER OF RAIN, a novel:


“Tell me the story of Jack again,” I asked, pleading with Doc to tell me the story he told every Halloween.

“Oh, you don’t want to hear that old tale, again,” he said. “You’ve heard it half-a-dozen times.” Doc took out his pocketknife and cut a saucer-sized lid into a pumpkin.

“Pleeeassseeee,” I begged.

“Now, Maize, you know I can’t stand it when you beg,” Doc said.

“Pleeasseeee,” I pestered. Doc wasn’t related to Momma except by marriage, but sometimes it seemed to me that him and her were more blood kin than Leela-Ma and Momma. Doc spoilt me, jes like Momma used to.

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Last Days Thriller Fiction

Cover. DemonDog


The following is an excerpt from Demon Dog, Star Captain and other Apocalyptic tales, now available on Kindle:



Star Captain believes, as author Tim LaHaye has been saying for years now, that a terrifying Tribulation is drawing nigh. Star Captain has even charted out the exact time. He buying up Tang and rice in bulk and storing up ammo for self-preservation.

“Life as we know it is going to change,” he says.

LaHaye has been banking, quite nicely, on that very fact for years now. He and author Jerry Jenkins are the masterminds behind the wildly successful Left Behind books – over an estimated 65 million copies sold. The novels read like thrillers: People disappear at an alarming rate, buildings and homes get blown to Kingdom Come. Seven books in the series took a #1 spot on the New York Times Bestseller list. And, I can’t prove it, but I’m pretty sure LaHaye’s fiction was the underlying reason millions of evangelical teens in the 1980s were willing to kiss dating goodbye.

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