On Golden Pond


Boats were out early on the big water. Bleary-eyed fisherman casting hopeful lines into the silver depths of the Columbia.

“That’s where my Swede would be,” my girlfriend said as I made a right-hand turn onto the bridge connecting Oregon to Washington. She blew a kiss at the shimmering silence that hangs between what was once and what is now.

“I had a perfect life,” she said. “I was so spoiled. If you had told me I would be spending the rest of my life alone, I would never have believed you.”

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Somebody Else’s Sacrifice


Refugees fleeing Mosul


Yes, I watched the last debate. You knew I would. I get why people don’t, especially those who have voted already. And, no, watching the final debate didn’t change my vote. I doubt it changed yours, either.

If you didn’t like Hillary before, you aren’t going to like her any more now.

And if you didn’t like Trump before, you likely detest him by now.

Count me among those who have no respect for Trump. I’m not going to try and change your mind about your vote one way or another, but I do want to explain this thing that Trump does that drives me over the edge of raving mad.

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It Ain’t Just Boy Talk


Melania Trump sat down for an interview with Anderson Cooper. She is seeking to reassure a nation ill at ease that the man on the audio, the man bragging about sexually assaulting women because he’s a “star”, the man who bragged about forcing himself on a married woman  – “I moved on her like a bitch” – is a man she does not recognize.

She wants Americans to believe that she has never heard her husband speak the way he did on that tape. Melania does not refer to her husband’s comments as bragging about sexual assault. No. She downplays it. Melania says the exchange is just “boy talk.” Never mind that her husband officially qualified to be a member of AARP at the time he made those comments.

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Cutting through the Dookey



My friend Gordon, a Vietnam combat veteran who passed away in ’09, had the best sayings. He was from Tennessee and country as a rolled biscuit. Gordon wasn’t one to tolerate fools much. I have missed him a great deal during this election season. He’s probably giving God an earful everyday over Donald Trump. I suspect he’s asked God if the man has a venereal disease that is eating at his brain. How else to explain him?

One of Gordon’s sayings that have come to mind often during this election season is one you have likely heard before – That man will piss on your leg and tell you its raining.

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If Donald Trump were a Black Man



We were sitting at the bar in Longhorns, eating our salads, when the two men one chair over began pointing at the TV and talking about this week’s debate.

Did you hear him say he was gonna lock her up? one Bubba said to the other.

Yeah, answered Bubba Jr. He should. He should lock her up.

My boy, who knows his momma all too well, shifted uncomfortably in his chair. He might have been praying. He knew for sure I wasn’t going to let that pass.

I didn’t.

Excuse me, I said, leaning over the chair between us. Do you know what they call that?

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