That One Shining Quiet Moment

Two things happened during the award presentation for the Emmys that I simply cannot ignore. The first was the appearance of Sean Spicer. While working out today, I listened as various folks discussed whether Sean Spicer’s appearance at the Emmys was a riot in a fun way or a riot in a totally offensive way. Half those asked thought that others needed to lighten up and not take themselves or Sean Spicer so seriously. They felt that Spicer’s appearance at the Emmys was totally fun and funny. The other half of the commentators – the half deemed lacking in a sense of humor – felt that Spicer’s appearance wasn’t the least bit funny. They felt he should have been booed off-stage. read more

Friendship Recovered

For I am confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will continue to perfect it

There are some friendships that a person can invest years into only to have them fall by the wayside in a ,matter of weeks or days. Then there are other friendships forged in a matter of months that prove to last despite years of apartness.

Beverly and I met during such a time in both of our lives – our 8th grade year at Arnold Junior High in Columbus, Georgia. She remembers the exact moment we met. She saw me sitting by myself in the lunch room and decided that very minute that she was the friend I needed. read more

The Stories that Bind Us

We are holed up here at the house on the lake awaiting Irma.  The patio furniture has been tied down. The boat tied up. The cars have been moved to an open clearing. Water has been put into zip-lock bags and bathtubs.

And here it is 9-11 and the most inarticulate president to ever serve this nation is hosting a memorial service at the Pentagon. read more

White People’s stories

When the white people tell the stories of black folk, they tell it from their point of view, in the same way victors tell the stories of war.

When victors tell the stories of war, they tell stories of bravery and brotherhood; stories of courage and sacrifices made. Victors always leave out the stories of unfathomable cruelty. Or if they tell it, they do so with a nod that says, “War, you know. These things happen.” read more

Where Artists Gather

So this is happening Thursday. Returning to my hometown of Columbus, Georgia, where I’ll join with Paul Pierce, artistic director of The Springer, & the renowned Garry Pound, artist, to talk about what inspires us and how creativity takes form. This will be my primary book event in Columbus. So if you want to purchase a copy of CHRISTIAN BEND and get an autograph, come join us Thursday at Dorothy McClure Theater. This is free & open to the public. Bring friends. AP classes. This will be a freewheeling conversation with audience interaction. read more